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Back At It Again January 20, 2012

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Well after a winter break that went much too fast, we’re back to school for the Spring Semester.  It’s been a pretty eventful semester already, even after only the first week back. As some of you might have known, I was planning on taking AutoCad, Fish Management, Forest Recreation and Environmental Education, and Water Quality/Wastewater 2. After the first two class periods of Forest Recreation my teacher informed me that I don’t need to take the class after all, because past education and an internship qualifies me for advanced standing! Good news! That’s one less class standing between me and graduation. So I have a somewhat newly revised schedule due to some conflicts in time things are offered. I’m now signed up for Fish Management, Water Quality/Wastewater 2, and Soils and Water Conservation and Engineering.

Gosh do I owe the Enrollment Services staff a big Thank You. They were able to give me credit for the class, refund my money from it, enroll me in my new class, and get me my new schedule and study list all within a matter of maybe 10 minutes. Talk about a good day!

Other than that, it has been a pretty low-key first week back with 4 new syllabuses to review, and lots of outlines and projected schedules. Overall, this semester looks like it might be a tough one, but definitely an interesting one!


One Response to “Back At It Again”

  1. Chris Warden Says:

    Enrollment services are miracle workers.

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